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Examples of my ongoing search for the ultimate sensual form taken from the following collections:

    London/Paris : A comparison of nudity as accepted imagery in European news publications 

    Au Naturel 




An ongoing exploration of sensuality of latex , leather and latex both two and three dimensionaly. 

Welcome to a world of the erotic, exotic or just plain sensual. The realm of international artist, CADOC, provides an opportunity to explore our values of the erotic both explicit and implied. At one moment exploring the emotive textural intimacy of the human body, another exploring the depiction of the nude in popular culture - forever searching for the perfect form. Spanning four decades and sought by collectors of erotica and fine art, the work of CADOC continues to challenge our understanding of of our most intimate identities.




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A collection of 100 original works explore the sensual beauty of the human body expressed through yoga. In addition to a varied selection of yoga images this collection includes collaborations with #Lonewolfyoga (Series 2) and #yogajag (Series 3).


Individual stand alone works, both two and three dimensional, that are not part of a larger collection. that Examples of my ongoing search for the ultimate sensual form taken from the following collections:


Based on found objects and imagery this ever expanding collection of works, including sculptures, challenges the gender based exclusionary values and moralistic hypocricy within institutionalized Christianity.  

CAUTION: This website and the art that it contains includes images of artistic nudity


Nude studies and samples from collections including:

    Collaboration with Tiffany Helm (2017)

    UK Top 10: A series of "Porntraits" of UK adult film stars (2016)

    Playboy 60: Sixty works inspired by six decades of Playboy publications exploring the changing social         norms for the depiction of female nudity in commercial publications (2015)

    Playboy 14: Collaged works developed from vintage Playboy publications (2013)

    Penthouse: Development of sensual forms from vintage Penthouse publications (2013) 

Drawing on images and iconography of popular culture these samples from past collections of work question the sexual exploitation of self in the quest for celebrity and variations in the acceptability of nudity as a form of social stature and (ir)relevance. Sample pieces are drawn from:

    And This is News?: Questioning the prevalance of nudity as "news" within British daily news 

    And This is News - Pop

    Pop Celebrity: An exploration of nudity and self exploitation for the cause of celebrity 

    Pin-up: An examination of  visual preferences in pin-up across decades, past to present